• Luca Ferrari -  Arria e Cecina Peto

    TEFAF Maastricht 2020

    TEFAF MAASTRICHT  MARCH 7 – 15 2020 Stand 376 Luca Ferrari, called Luca da Reggio (Reggio Emil...

  • dante-e-virgilio-all'inferno

    Gomp • Biaf 2019

    Firenze, Palazzo Corsini  21 – 29 SETTEMBRE 2019 Stand 59   Filippo di Liagno, detto Fili...

  • Luca Giordano - Mosè e il serpente di bronzo

    TEFAF Maastricht 2019

    Per la sua quinta partecipazione alla TEFAF Maastricht, Giacometti Old Master Paintings presenta una...

  • Gomp-tefaf-new-york-fall

    Gomp at Tefaf New York Fall 2018

    TEFAF NEW YORK FALL 2018 OCTOBER 27-31 STAND 374 Download the list of work ...

The 29th Florence Biennale

bye for now Florence,  we’re going to miss you

We have just returned from a fantastic exhibition. Fabrizio Moretti has managed to make the Florence Biennale an event of worldwide importance. New, highly significant works adorned each stand in the imposing setting of Palazzo ...

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Autumn 2015

Domenico Gargiulo, L'eruzione del Vesuvio del 1631

Autumn 2015 opens up for us with our first participation to the XXIX BIENNALE INTERNAZIONALE dell’ANTIQUARIATO di FIRENZE, located in the wonderful premises of the Palazzo Corsini overlooking the Lungarno. Our exhibition will be centered ...

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Opening Evening

Coming in

Brilliant! It’s the opening day! We gleefully toasted to this wonderful new adventure in the lovely garden facing our gallery, surrounded by families and friends. In the torch-lit, delightfully scented summer evening, we cherished the ...

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Finally We are in Maastricht, admiring this beautiful Northern spring. Our stand is having a lot of success and our white marble Pope is watching us haughty. We’ll return home satisfied, with a lot of ...

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